Our fundamental objective is to meet customer needs and expectations by providing the highest quality, wholesome and safe poultry meat products that are compliant with applicable laws, specifications and standards.

The trust of our customers determines the direction for the company's development. Every employee of P.D. Drobex sp. z o.o. is responsible for the final product, which is why we care for a systematic increase in qualifications and awareness within the food safety culture. We believe that every action has an impact on the subsequent quality and safety of the product and employees take an example of their supervisors. This means that everyone, regardless of their position, has the obligation to strictly adhere to on-site rules, which is ensured by regular training and detailed procedures.

We care about the proper selection of raw materials, which is why we purchase them only from reliable suppliers, which are constantly monitored and verified. Only suppliers that guarantee food safety are selected for cooperation.

Good Practices, HACCP and international food safety standards are used to maintain high quality of production. The above systems are evaluated by internal and external auditors as well as by key customers. Description of the P.D. Drobex sp. z o.o. quality system is presented in the Quality Book that is available to each of our employees.

The processes that take place within our facility are subjected to detailed risk analyzes carried out by a team of specialists from various fields starting from the design stage. These hazards are monitored to ensure food safety and processes are improved. We test products and the production environment for microbiology. Employees know that products are subjected to regular inspections and are aware of the microbiological hazards that can be caused by inadequate hygienic behavior.

P.D. Drobex sp. z o.o. does not use genetically modified or allergen-containing raw materials for the production.

We follow the rules of ethics both in business and within the plant. Each employee is treated in the same way and is encouraged to express his / her opinion. All feedback from our employees, suppliers or clients is analyzed and motivates us to develop the organization, business relations and growth of social capital.

We adhere to the principle that employees should be provided with the right conditions to work, which is why we care about infrastructure, providing a safe and hygienic working environment. We also present the history and achievements of the plant, which helps better identification with our company.

Along with the development of our business, we minimize the use of energy and natural resources. We constantly monitor areas with potential impact on the environment. We are aware of the need to care for the environment, which is a common good.

An important aspect of our activity, as a poultry enterprise, is taking care of animal welfare. For this purpose the birds are treated in a humane manner and the farms, from which they are obtained are subjected to systematic controls.

We believe that as a company with an established position, it is our responsibility to ensure the development of awareness of potential and future employees or clients. That's why we cooperate with schools giving lectures and we offer scholarships and internships to the best students.

The Management Board of P.D. Drobex sp. z o.o. declares to provide sufficient funds to implement the relevant product and processes contained in the Quality Book.
P.D. Drobex sp. z o.o. bears full responsibility for the products manufactured by the company.

Agnieszka Frischke Kaźmierczak
General Manager P.D. Drobex sp. z o.o.