Drobex company, based in Solec Kujawski, has been known for nearly 30 years in the food industry both on domestic and foreign market as one of the top producers of premium poultry meat and its products. One of the key directions of our sale development are the foreign markets.
After Poland's accession to the European Union we have significantly increased sales to that market. Nevertheless, we are not confined only to Europe, in recent years more and more of our products are sold to other continents, such as Asia and Africa. Recognizing in this new directions great business potential, we are constantly striving to develop our sales network for new countries and continents.
Every year we apply for new veterinary approvals for some third countries.
Effective export sales in such a diversified market, requires us a lot of flexibility, openness, knowledge of customs in other countries and of the specific taste of their inhabitants.
In order to meet the needs of our current and potential customers, we are focused on tailoring our offer to the specific needs of each country, both in terms of slaughter, division, freezing and packaging.
We participate in many international trade fairs (Eg SIAL in Paris, ANUGA in Cologne or IFE in London) what allows us to explore the specifics of individual markets and consumers' expectations .

Drobex brand products are extremely popular and are available in many retail chains, both in Poland and abroad.
On the international market we work with a wide range of customers. Our customers include, among others: restaurants, food industry wholesalers, HORECA operators.

Our products are produced in two modern production plants located in Solec Kujawskie and Bydgoszcz. These establishments are under constant veterinary supervision and operate according to the HACCP system and in compliance with the IFS, BRC standard, the plant in Solec Kujawskie is also HALAL certified.
Thanks to modern production solutions, detailed quality control, qualified staff and special attention to customer satisfaction, we are not only a producer of tasty and healthy poultry meat and sausages but also an excellent business partner.
This is confirmed by numerous awards, and - most importantly - long-standing, loyal cooperation with many distributors in the country and in the world.
For our costumenrs we guarantee:
assure that our products are healthy and safe
constant supply of large volume of products         
the ability to produce special products for individual orders         
own label production         
efficient execution of orders