Quality Policy

The main goal of the Drobex Group operation is production of safe, healthy and tasty food, which meets today’s consumers’ expectations.

We strive to achieve this though the following:

  • Implementation and maintenance of the HACCP quality system, which guarantees appropriate production conditions and stops any food quality problems. We work closely with suppliers who provide us with the highest quality stock, which we systematically monitor.
  • We constantly improve production processes by continually striving to eliminate unnecessary power consumption, which helps to protect the environment and saves unnecessary production costs.
  • We conduct our business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We also adhere to requirements specified in contracts.
  • We closely follow changes in global trends, which allows us to quickly and flexibly adapt to new consumer expectations.
  • We feel responsible for the environment therefore during all stages of our production we take into account the requirements of environmental protection.
  • In the interests of our employees we strive to provide good working conditions.
  • Through regular training we constantly improve the qualifications of our employees. As a result they are aware that their individual actions contribute to the harmonious operation of the entire company.
  • We follow the highest standards of business ethics. This applies to both our customers and suppliers.