Drobex Group Today

Drobex Group is recognised as one Central Europe’s leading producers of poultry meat and its associated products. Our extensive range of confectioned products includes lean hams, sandwich blocks, sausages, wieners and pâté.

Meat processing takes place in two state-of-the-art plants located in Solec Kujawski and in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The plants are under strict veterinary supervision and work accordingly to the HACCP system and have the IFS and BRC certificates.

The company is also involved in large barn-breeding, hatching, marketing and distribution of poultry products across Europe and Asia.

Integrating all phases of poultry production has enabled us to thoroughly control each stage of the production process, which includes:

  • Farming of parent stocks
  • Production of eggs for hatching
  • Chick hatching
  • Farming of broilers
  • Production of full ration mixed feeds
  • Slaughter of poultry in a modern poultry butchery
  • Meat confection
  • Production of cured meats
  • Distribution of meat and cured meats


Thanks to modern production facilities, thorough quality control, qualified staff and exceptional care of our customers, we’re not only producers of tasty and healthy food but also an excellent business partner.
This has been confirmed by numerous awards and most importantly by our long lasting and loyal cooperation with a number of distributors in Poland and abroad.


Today’s Drobex Group statistics:

  • 100% chicks come from the Drobex-Agro hatchery
  • 70% of chicken livestock comes from the Group owned farms
  • 70% of chicken livestock is fed with a feed mix from Drobex-Pasz
  • 100 000 chickens are being slaughtered daily